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EIDER's E-Design Service


E-Design can be a more affordable option for homeowners seeking inspired designs and ideas specifically suited to fit their homes and lives.  This service allows us to put our creativity and expertise to work for our clients while keeping travel and other expenses out of the budget.  With no fuel burned to visit the project site and plans, sketches and details delivered electronically, E-Design is also "greener" than a conventional approach.


Developing a design to suit your needs and tastes using our E-Design service can be more affordable in part because we rely on you, the client, to create and gather the information used to start the design process.  In traditional practice, this information is often put together by the landscape architect's team at the client's expense before any design work can begin.  If you are able to save us the work of putting this together, we can offer you a more affordable service.  Please see how it works for more details.


We recognize that homeowners' needs and desires for their yards vary from place to place and family to family, and we understand that clients' need for design assistance varies, too.  Our aim is to provide you the vision you're looking for and the tools you'll need to make it a reality, whether you prefer to do it yourself or you're going to hand the plan to a contractor.  Contact us - we can help you work your aspirations and dreams into a buildable plan.


All services offered through EIDER E-Design, like our traditional services, are performed directly by or under the supervision of the principal, Peter Quady, a landscape architect with over 20 years of design experience and the horticultural expertise of someone who has grown gardens from the tropics to the temperate rainforest. 

Designs often start with rough plans or simple sketches over photos. For the do-it-yourselfers, this kind of inspiration can be enough to get the project started. For those hiring a contractor to do the work, more detail is usually required.