EIDER Landworks serves public sector, private sector and non-profit clients in the land development and property management fields with client-focused design, planning and consultant services.  Our staff combine creativity in design with practical, results-driven planning and entitlement work to assist clients in their goals.


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Land is the foundation on which we build our lives.  What we do with this most important of resources determines in large part how well it provides essentials such as food, water, air and shelter, as well as other functions such as recreation, education and livelihood.


EIDER offers a range of services to help owners and developers plan and get approval for improvements to their land.  Our staff's experience in diverse project types and issues can help not only in getting projects designed and entitled, but also in interpreting and coordinating the work done by other consulting professionals, from geotechnical and civil engineers to marketing and environmental consultants.  This ability to understand and synthesize information from a wide variety of disciplines can result in projects that go further in meeting the objectives of our clients and build a more livable and lively world for us all.