EIDER Yardworks designs personalized landscapes for homeowners who are looking to make the most of their yard - beauty, fresh food, quiet retreat, social space, kids' play places or all of the above.  We put our knowledge and experience to work for you in creating designs that fit your tastes and lifestyle.



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     The essence of home improvement is more than just making a house look nicer with a fresh coat of point or remodeled bathroom - it's about improving the quality of your living experience at home.  Spending time outdoors can be pleasant in the Sacramento area nearly every month of the year - why not live out of the box, as well as inside it?

     At EIDER, we help you craft a plan for making your yard really work for you.  Whether you're looking to make minor adjustments to what you've got or you want to rethink the whole yard, we help you clarify the issues and see solutions.
Home Improvement To Fit Your Life And Your Budget
When you engage EIDER Yardworks to help you develop a plan for your home, we are careful to understand you before we set pen to paper: your needs, your tastes, your budget and your intentions for how to get it built.  We tailor our design services to best serve your needs in creating beautiful, functional outdoor living opportunities for you and your family, whether you prefer to do it yourself, hire your own contractor, or have us manage your improvement project. 
A Landscape That Reflects Your Talents

The best home landscapes are expressions of the owner's aesthetic and often of their abilities: a woodworker's yard might include a beautiful deck or handmade furniture, a mosaic artist's yard could highlight talents in tile.  This is why our process begins with getting to know the client.  Your needs, your tastes and your budget, along with factors taken into account by any good designer such as sun, shade and exposure, inform our design process and ultimately result in a product you will be happy with.  In developing a plan with you, we explore how to employ your talents or hobbies in your landscape.

Blueberries are another great example of a plant that can delight the taste buds, as well as the eye.  With spring blooms, cheery and delectable ornaments in summer, and lovely fall color, blueberries can be a great addition to a landscape.

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Beauty To Feed The Belly, As Well As The Eye

Whether you are a dedicated gardener or someone who would rather work in your yard as little as possible, we can help you explore ways to make your landscape provide you with more than yardwork and expenses.  Fresh fruit is possible throughout much of the year here in the Sacramento area without the tilling, planting, and weeding that normally goes with gardening, and including even a small, easy-to-care-for garden bed can improve your meal options significantly.  Let us show you how food crops can supplement or stand in for purely ornamental species.


Edible Choices For Family & Friends, And The Planet

Why grow food in your yard?  It makes sense on a number of levels:

  • Produce grown just outside your door is the freshest available anywhere;
  • Food you get from your yard is food you don't have to buy and no fossil fuels are burned getting it to you;
  • Picking and eating fresh food from your yard is delightful;
  • Sharing food you've grown with friends and neighbors feels great and engenders goodwill;
  • Children often take special delight in picking their own food, they're more likely to eat what's good for them, and they learn along the way;
  • The work of tending a garden is rewarding and can be enjoyable in itself, but the lessons it offers children are invaluable;
  • Perennial, fruit-bearing plants can often perform the same functions as ornamental plantings, such as color, shade, screening for privacy, etc.   

Fruit trees are a great way to combine beauty with food production.  Many fruit trees put on a lovely flower show in the spring.  This one, a Fuyu Persimmon, produces beautiful orange fruit that ripen around Halloween.