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This client was looking to create a more welcoming entry to her home and

wanted some advice on inexpensive ways to improve some other areas of her yard.

With an empty planting bed carved out of the lawn, very little seasonal interest and front door access via a small path from the driveway, the client wanted more sensory engagement from plantings in her yard and a nicer way for her guests parked on the street to come to her door.

A new path, an elevated planting bed and new plantings bring visual interest, taste and fragrance to the front yard.  A Flowering Dogwood softens the façade of the house and provides a spring flower show.  Lavender adds fragrance and keeps the flowers coming after the dogwood has finished.  Later in the year, the apple and fig bring their edible ornaments to the yard.  The client wanted some space to plant annual color spots each year, so the front edge of the raised planting bed was reserved for this.

Incorporating edible plantings and bringing summer afternoon and evening shade to backyard seating areas were the priorities in making plantings suggestions for the client's side yard.
A neglected back corner is brought to life with simple planting additions.
Why no plans and no color drawings?

Design ideas communicated with sketches can be produced more quickly (and thus less expensively) than measured drawings.  They are usually accompanied by notes on planting materials or other details.  When we save you money on design costs, you have more to spend on creating a great yard.


We have also found that different techniques of delivering design ideas work better for different clients.  Some clients are not comfortable reading plans and prefer to see perspective drawings.  Some, like this client, are comfortable doing the work themselves or going to a contractor and communicating what they would like to have done, and prefer to save on costs.  Whatever your needs, we can help you create a yard you'll love.

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