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This client wanted to improve the curb appeal of the home, create places to hang out and spend time with friends, and to create a landscape that worked with the existing koi pond. 

The front yard before improvements
EIDER designs often take their cues from the talents and interests of our clients.  The beautiful koi pond that had been built by this client was the primary inspiration for the design of the entire yard. 
Drainage improvements in the front yard included directing downspout water into "dry creek" swales lined with river rock echoing the koi pond motif.  The creek comes alive when rainwater flows, and the effect is maintained during dry times with the pot "spilling" stones down the swale.

A rough draft plan, showing different zones to be created, was discussed with the client and several changes and refinements were incorporated before proceeding with a more precise plan for the property.

To make the plan come to life, quick, rough sketches were used to convey to the client a better idea of how the design could look.

The final design for the property included drainage improvements (drainage plan not shown), a new path, planting beds, a front patio for morning coffee in the front yard, and improvements in the back yard to highlight the koi pond and create a comfortable venue for social gathering.  Click on the image to see the full plan.
Drainage improvements are complete.  The new front path and patio have been installed and some planting has gone in.  The river rock lining the edge of the planting bed and path leads around the side of the house to the koi pond in back.

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