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This client wanted an improved patio and a 'blank slate' that could showcase later client-chosen plantings,  but drainage problems in the back yard had to be addressed first. 

The existing patio was too small for comfort and was not easily reached from the sliding glass door.  Drainage accumulated near the back of the house, making soggy ground and creating the potential for water damage.  The client wanted to keep a small patch of lawn and set up planting areas throughout the rest of the yard.
A schematic improvement plan for the back yard shows the new, expanded patio, decomposed granite paths, a small patch of lawn, and a meandering wall retaining soil to create a flat spot for a shed, raised planting areas, and a hidden corner for the compost bin.
A detailed grading plan, combined with the drainage plan (below) ensures that improvements are built to avoid ponding, create sitting spots along the wall, drain water away from the house, and highlight future plantings
A drainage plan and irrigation schematic accompanies other plans so that drainage pipes and provision for irrigation are installed before other improvements take place.

Drainage improvements are complete and irrigation pipes have gone in.  Rainwater flows in sheets off the new patio and drains safely away from the house.

The retaining wall has been built and a raised planting area created.  Planting has begun.

The patio is the perfect spot for enjoying the plants the client has selected.

Where are the beautiful design drawings?
This client was very comfortable reading plans and wanted the design to address the infrastructure and basic configuration of the yard, with planting decisions and details to be left to him.  Although we love creating beautiful, colorful drawings, we listen carefully to our clients before designing to make sure we are truly serving their needs in an economical way.
We love hearing back from our clients on the job we've done.

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