Opportunities to play in the yard are one of the best gifts parents can give their children. When children are considered in design, the yard becomes a place for imaginative play, a place to learn, and a place to develop physical abilities. As parents, we benefit when our kids can burn off some of their energy right at home.

Think About Life Outside The Box


In the Sacramento area and much of Northern California, we are blessed with weather suitable for spending time outside almost every month of the year.

This temperate climate is also so well suited to growing so many things that, with a little planning, we can enjoy fresh food from our yards nearly all year.  So when you're thinking about life outside your house, ask yourself:

   - Does your yard make life outside enjoyable for you and those you live with?

   - Is the work and/or expense of maintaining your yard worth what you get from it?


EIDER Yardworks helps homeowners create landscapes that are beautiful to behold, landscapes where all family members can work, relax and play, and landscapes that provide fresh food to support health, happiness and the budget -- places where memories are made.


EIDER staff can help you with plans to remodel your yard to fit your life.  It's the kind of home improvement that you can do yourself or contract out -- and unlike remodeling projects inside the house that tire with age, this kind really grows on you.  Contact us today to see how we can help you improve your home and live better in (and outside) it.

Artist: Irina Sztukowski -- click on the image to visit her website: www.fineartirina.com
Imagine a yard that invites you to eat, talk and relax with friends on one day, and to enjoy a quiet moment all to yourself on another.  Your yard can be an extension of your house - an outdoor room offering a sunny spot to sit on a cool winter day, shady retreat from the summer heat, and beauty all year round.
Whether you have children or not, including a garden in your yard can be amazingly rewarding.  Gardening improves health by providing exercise, stress reduction, relaxation and fresh food.  It's a great way to spend time with family members.  Children often find joy in and realize the rewards of work in the garden, as well as learning patience, persistence and many other things.